I believe that my family history does not belong to me.  I may of researched the particular family lines and found information, but it is not my information.  It belongs to everyone in my family.

I believe in free genealogy.  I am willing to share the information I have in my genealogy pages.  You may copy and distribute freely for personal use.  You MAY NOT copy any material for profit or to be burnt into a CD for resale.

Also, I have tried to give proper credit where credit is due.  Please honor the people who originally wrote something, give them the credit they are due.  If I wrote something, please give me credit or link to my site.

If you see a connection in our family lines, I would love to hear from you.  Maybe we can share information.

I have tried to make sure my information is as accurate as possible.  If you see an error, Please contact me.

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